Arjan Mooij

I am a research fellow in the Foundations of Programming research group, with a special emphasis on concurrency. In particular I will participate in the forthcoming Bridging the Gaps between Mathematics, ICT and Engineering at Nottingham project. Before moving to Nottingham, I have obtained my Ph.D. (dr.) and M.Sc. (ir.) degrees from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

My Ph.D. thesis is based on my research in collaboration with industrial standardization committees for communication protocols. For the IEEE 1394.1 standard, we have studied its net update algorithm, which is a distributed algorithm for maintaining a spanning tree on a network with a dynamic topology. One of our main efforts has been to prove the correctness of a variant of this algorithm by redeveloping it from its specification. For the medical standards IEEE 1073.2 and HL7, we have studied some of the medical device communication protocols. Our work on the latter standards has led to research on message sequence charts, especially on implementability problems like non-local choice.

My research interests include mathematical techniques, parallel and distributed systems, and program and proof construction.