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Number Title Other contributors
WF012 A solution to a nice programming problem
WF023 A queuing problem in a post office
WF024 Some Frolics
WF025 Set of programming exercises
WF028 Creating a subspanning palm in an undirected graph
WF029 The problem of the circular racecourse
WF030 Generating partitions
WF031a Shiloach's Algorithm, taken as an exercise in Presenting Programs Netty van Gasteren
WF033a Bulterman's reshuffling problem
WF037 A problem on space partitioning
WF039 Heapsort Edsger Dijkstra
Netty Van Gasteren
WF040 Exercises in programming
WF044a On the occasion of the installation of a blackboard Ronald Bulterman
Netty van Gasteren
WF055 The Boyer - Moore Majority Vote (for our records)
WF057 The problem of the balanced segments
WF064 A Dutch derivation of the program imp
WF065a In-situ Inversion of a Cyclic Permutation Netty van Gasteren
David Gries
WF066 Tasting the flavour of programming
WF067a Squaring a cyclic permutation in situ Netty van Gasteren
WF071 In, On, or Out
WF072 A sequel to AvG51a / WF67a Netty van Gasteren
WF075 Anything But®: a new tool in programming
WF082 Elicited by Roland C. Backhouse Netty van Gasteren
WF083 On the construction of the regular pentagon Netty van Gasteren
WF087 Some correctness proofs for the Safe Sluice
WF088 On Programming and Mathematical Reasoning
WF089 A little program transformation
WF090 Two formulae from the September '87 Top Ten
WF095 A calculation hinted at by dr. Lincoln A. Wallen