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Number Title Other contributors
WF204 No operational insight required!  
WF209 Phase synchronization for a string of machines  
WF211a A very beginning of lattice theory
Netty van Gasteren
WF213 How to bound in Branch and Bound
WF214 The Binary Search revisited [Transcription] Netty van Gasteren
WF216 πf2 = πf , courtesy Jaap van der Woude and Henk Doornbos  
WF217 A bagatelle on extreme solutions  
WF219 A very clever and impressive (but highly intractable) proof of a beautiful theorem  
WF220 Programming, Proving, and Calculation Netty van Gasteren
WF221 Formal Derivation of an Algorithm for Distributed Phase Synchronization
Daniela Buhaceanu
WF222 An exercise given by Rutger M. Dijkstra  
WF225 A decomposition theorem for multibounds Netty van Gasteren
WF227 Exercises in Calculating Netty van Gasteren
WF228 Playing with ↑ and |⋅| Netty van Gasteren
WF229 Richard Bird's Typewriter Problem Netty van Gasteren
WF232 Predicate Logic vs Predicate Calculus: It is up to you  
WF233 More about unique solutions and well-foundedness, courtesy Rutger M. Dijkstra Netty van Gasteren
WF240a Concurrent Vector Writing: a first exercise in program development Netty van Gasteren
WF250 Concurrent Zipping Netty van Gasteren
WF251 Computing the prime divisors of a number  
WF265 One up again for calculational programming  
WF268 The Joy of Formula Manipulation
WF269 On computing a longest path in a tree (by the Eindhoven Tuesday Afternoon Club) R.W. Bulterman, F.W. van der Sommen, G. Zwaan, A.J.M. van Gasteren
WF270 Exploiting universal junctivity Netty van Gasteren
WF271 An overlooked formula (from the predicate calculus)  
WF272 An experiment in solving a fixed-point equation Rik van Geldrop
WF275 Two "fusion-lemmata" on minimal solutions  
WF276 The Leap-Frog Rule and the Star-Decomposition once more  
WF277 A programming exercise communicated by Oege de Moor  
WF278 Skolemization, for brevity's sake  
WF279 The maximal AB-segment  
WF280 A nice little problem communicated by J. Misra  
WF281 A programming exercise communicated by Tom Verhoeff  
WF282 Punctual predicate transformers are as conjunctive as they are monotonic  
WF283 An embellishment of WF282  
WF284 A method for avoiding total deadlock, courtesy Diethard Michaelis