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Number Title Other contributors
WF101 A bagatelle (for the files)
WF102 The Nabla Trick
WF107 The Welfare Crook taken as an exercise in problem decomposition
WF110 A different derivation of the Schoenmakers-Kaldewaij Linear Search (for the record)
WF112 A little exercise in deriving multiprograms
WF113 Two proofs to remember (for our files)
WF114 The problem of the table of cubes
WF116 The Linear Search, and some more
WF117 An exercise of Richard Bird's
WF118 The Bounded Linear Search
WF119a Around Bresenham
WF121a The Lexicographic Minimum of a Cyclic Array
WF122 Untitled [predicate calculus summary and exercises, up and down, S and N]
WF126 Mathematical Induction expressed in a dummy-free notation
WF133 A homework assignment by Jaap van der Woude
WF134 A beautiful proof of an ugly theorem (from the relational calculus)
WF140 An introduction into the relational calculus
WF147 Designing a proof for R.S. Bird's theorem on pre-orders
WF148 One down for the relational calculus (whether you like it or not)
WF149 A trifle on the stability of f.x ≤ g.y
WF153 To my fellow teachers of programming
WF155 On the ascendingness-test and on tail invariants
WF157 A note on the Kaldewaij Schemes for longest and shortest segments
WF165 A high-tech calculation
WF166 The characterizations of extreme solutions
WF167 A note on equation x: [t ∨ s;x ≡ x]
WF168 Jaap van der Woude's reply to WF167
WF169 Courtesy AJM van Gasteren --and Fusion Lemmata--
WF173 How even the simplest multiprogram-transformations need not work
WF175 Playing with dagger and star, i.e. with transitive closures
WF177 An exotic theorem!? (for the record)
WF179 Re EWD1170: "Equilateral triangles and rectangular grids"
WF183 Constructing the Galois Adjoint
WF185 The "first closure lemma" in practice: two very small examples
WF186 A theorem on the monotonicity of extreme solutions
WF187 A case of intuitive reasoning
WF188 Two equivalent ceilings
WF189 ∃∀ ⇒ ∀∃
WF190 What associativity is all about
WF191 Two "equivalent" characterizations of suprema Netty van Gasteren
WF194 Triggered by EWD1183