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Number Date (Y.M.D) Title References
JAW100 2007.12.10 A short note on (non)empty types  
JAW101 2008.02.11 A seemingly heretical proof technique (and a problem from Eric Macaulay) WF102, EEM9a, EWD1050
JAW102 2008.02.11 The beauty of distributivity  
JAW103 2008.02.21 Shrinking is strengthening, widening is weakening MOM
JAW104 2008.02.25 A problem from EWD766 EWD766, EWD1307
JAW105 2008.04.19 Deriving an equation from physics  
JAW106 2007.08.12 My solutions to the tetrominoes problems Algorithmic Problem Solving, by Roland Backhouse
JAW107 2008.06.09 A generalization of a property of primes  
JAW108 2008.06.25 Integer points in intervals  
JAW109 2011.09.21 Symmetric and transitive implies...? EWD1084, EWD1230, JAW61
JAW110 2006.05.27 Structures in game theory  
JAW111 2016.05.09 On humble nodes and not-so-humble mathematicians  
JAW112 2016.05.24 Induction without a base step  
JAW113 2017.02.27 Thoughts on rational problem solving