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Number Date (Y.M.D) Title References
JAW0 2004.10.18 A simple problem solved, with heuristics  
JAW1a 2006.09.21 On long sequences of composite numbers (revised)  
JAW2 2004.09.17 Leibniz in the other direction PC
JAW3 2004.11.19 An investigation, via JAW0 and JAW2 EWD1313, JAW0, JAW2
JAW4 2004.09.17 An incomplete introduction to Wim Feijen's proof format EWD999
JAW5 2004.09.17 Local separation of concerns EWD1300, JAW2
JAW6 2004.10.03 Not about primality  
JAW7 2004.11.01 Simplifying inequalities with Wim  
JAW8 2004.11.23 For the record: A beautiful derivation PCPS
JAW9 2004.12.13 An addendum to JAW3 JAW3
JAW10 2005.08.22 A summary of my work on Euclid's lemma EWD1313, EWD1315, JAW0, JAW3, JAW5, JAW9
JAW10a 2005.08.28 A summary of my work on Euclid's lemma (treating 0) EWD1313, EWD1315, JAW0, JAW3, JAW5, JAW9, JAW10, JAW11
JAW10b 2006.10.16 A summary of my work on Euclid's lemma (revised) EWD1313, EWD1315, JAW0, JAW3, JAW5, JAW9, JAW10, JAW63
JAW11 2005.01.12 A reflection on JAW5 JAW5, JAW13
JAW12 2006.10.17 An experiment with a geometry problem  
JAW13 2005.10.07 The pos calculus, via a problem from Wim WF211
JAW14 2004.12.30 Something that might make it into my book  
JAW15 2005.11.26 A relational exercise  
JAW16 2005.01.27 A nonpunctual operator EWD1086, EWD1123, EWD1160, PCPS
JAW17 2006.02.24 A first experiment in algorithmic graph theory  
JAW18 2005.10.07 Why we use strong steps  
JAW19 2005.11.28 Symmetric and asymmetric proof shapes JAW10, JAW10a
JAW20 2004.07.08 Have a rant: The strange case of news  
JAW21 2005.02.24 A position paper on intuition (sketch) EWD991
JAW22 2005.02.27 Progress DP
JAW23 2005.02.26 A dialogue about JAW21 JAW21
JAW24 2005.03.25 On being professorly  
JAW25 2005.05.06 On a disparity  
JAW26 2003.04.25 A mathematical manifesto  
JAW27 2005.11.25 A sequel to JAW26, via Chomsky JAW26, JAW30, The Minimalist Program (Chomsky)
JAW28 2003.09.11 A somewhat open letter to Jake Boggan  
JAW29 2004.11.05 The dangers of preserving symmetry EWD1311
JAW30 2005.08.29 What is science, and how should we use it? EWD619
JAW31 2004.07.25 A few polite responses to my critics  
JAW32 2005.09.08 A surprising (?) new heuristic EWD1099
JAW33 2005.09.29 Achilles and the tortoise, courtesy Tom Verhoeff  
JAW34 2005.10.06 "Two wrongs don't make a right."  
JAW35 2005.10.01 Achilles and the tortoise once again JAW33
JAW36 2005.09.14 An addendum to EWD1038 EWD1038
JAW37 2005.09.14 Groups and size  
JAW37a 2006.11.21 Groups and size (revised)  
JAW38 2005.10.10 Real models of the pos calculus JAW13
JAW39 2005.10.11 Absolute value distributes over multiplication  
JAW40 2005.11.19 When binary operators preserve transitive relations  
JAW41 2005.10.28 The equivalence of weak and strong induction  
JAW42 2005.11.26 Redundancy JAW27
JAW43 2005.11.28 On history JAW30
JAW44 2005.11.28 Different types of symbol dynamics for Leibniz and monotonicity  
JAW45 2005.12.21 Abstraction, and Kaldewaij's "mod" exercises  
JAW45a 2008.05.22 Abstraction, and Kaldewaij's "mod" exercises (revised)  
JAW46 2006.02.03 Design, distributivity, shunting, switcheroo LADM
JAW47 2006.02.07 On "almost-invariants"  
JAW48 2006.02.07 A position paper on the role of education JAW30
JAW49 2006.02.11 What do scientific experiments prove?  
JAW50 2004.10.13 Separation of concerns  
JAW51 2006.04.26 A joint effort in the predicate calculus EWD1266a
JAW52 2005.10.21 A result from the pos calculus, via Roland Backhouse JAW13
JAW53 2006.05.07 The problem of the 21 students with Apurva Mehta
JAW54 2006.05.17 On interfaces and people  
JAW55 2006.05.14 On honesty  
JAW56 2006.05.18 Why I do what I do  
JAW57 2006.04.20 Trip report: A reflection on Day 0 of Calculus Camp  
JAW58 2006.04.21 Trip report: Lessons learned? (at Calculus Camp)  
JAW59 2006.07.06 Case analysis from a calculational perspective  
JAW60 2006.06.26 More on interfaces (selecting the right interface) SMA
JAW61 2006.05.05 How I understand context and type information  
JAW62 2006.09.16 Have a rant: On news and information JAW20
JAW63 2006.09.17 Yes, lcm distributes over gcd (and vice versa)  
JAW64 2006.09.18 A trifle on opportunism, via Kaldewaij PDA
JAW65 2006.07.10 Predicate partitioning, and an exercise from Wim and Netty MOM, WF204
JAW66 2006.08.30 The one-point rule, and the "split off" maneuver  
JAW67 2006.09.16 A challenge in crispness, via Mehta, via Dijkstra DP, PDA
JAW68 2006.09.21 A missing result from the pos calculus JAW13, JAW38
JAW69 2006.09.21 A bit on predicate splitting, and an exploration JAW65
JAW70 2006.07.05 An old question about lattice theory  
JAW71 2006.09.21 The chunking lemmata, via Kaldewaij PDA
JAW72 2007.11.19 What does "is a conjunct of" mean? JAW77
JAW73 2006.10.04 We shall overcome (some of our interfaces with boolean concepts)  
JAW74 2006.10.08 A new (?) calculational technique, via Eric Hehner Unified Algebra, by Eric Hehner
JAW75 2006.09.04 A response to Ellen Kaisse  
JAW76 2006.10.17 Punctuality, conjunctivity, monotonicity AB45, WF282, WF283
JAW77 2006.10.17 Skolemization and case analysis EWD835, JAW59, JAW74, JAW76, WF278
JAW78 2006.09.01 Counting divisors JAW45
JAW79 2006.08.25 A summary of my work on concepts Gödel's Theorem, by Torkel Franzén
JAW80 2006.08.25 Why math is frightening JAW79
JAW81 2006.10.24 Contexts, scalarity, and the everywhere operator  
JAW82 2006.10.25 The birth of a convention (scalarity and context)  
JAW83 2006.10.21 Scalarity, and an error regarding the rule of instantiation JAW82
JAW84 2006.10.29 A bagatelle on one-point, instantiation, and EWD1184 EWD1184
JAW85 2006.10.29 An addendum to JAW82, via Diethard Michaelis JAW82
JAW86 2006.10.29 On laws and rights JAW54
JAW87 2006.11.08 The utility of unbracketed results (an addendum to JAW82) JAW82
JAW88 2006.11.08 Careful bookkeeping in punctual calculations  
JAW89 2006.11.09 Using structure-valued formulae PCPS
JAW90 2006.11.23 A simple algebra problem solved, with heuristics  
JAW91 2007.02.01 A striking application of discipline PDA
JAW92 2007.01.13 A variant of "max ≤ sum"  
JAW93 2007.02.01 An exercise in cleanliness, via Knuth The Art of Computer Programming
JAW94 2007.06.01 An open letter to Frank Bäuerle EWD923a, EWD1070
JAW95 2007.07.05 The tale of an eventually periodic sequence (with Apurva Mehta)
JAW96 2007.04.26 Notational anomalies from calculus  
JAW97 2007.11.09 A small note on induction  
JAW98 2007.11.15 Designing a proof of unique factorization (with Apurva Mehta)
JAW99 2007.11.30 On numbers and their representations